The Suprette Burger

Jalan Besar. The place to get stainless steel screws and bolts, fencing material, real gardening stuff with real workman boots. And then there are the little cafes and boutique hotels that are popping up.

There’s a hotel out there called Kam Leng Hotel. Refurbished from old shophouses, it also houses a tiny eatery called Suprette.

The Suprette Burger
The Suprette Burger

There can’t be more than 10 tables here. There’s an equally tiny bar. They make their own brew here too.

But I wasn’t here for the beer. I was here for the burger that I’d heard about. The Suprette Burger for $20. You can add additional trimmings like foie gras for an additional $12. But no matter what you do to soup things up, if the basic burger isn’t there, nothing will save it. So I went with just the basic burger.

Interior of The Suprette Burger
Interior of The Suprette Burger

The Suprette Burger turned out to be a Happy Eat. The beef patty was juicy. The bun was properly toasted. The cheese melted. The lettuce and tomato slices fresh, not limp.

Motto to apply here. Talk about it less. Eat it more. Worthy of a re-visit.

Kam Leng Hotel
383 Jalan Besar
Singapore 209001
Open Daily for Breakfast and Lunch. Dinner and Drinks start from 6pm, closed on Tuesday Evenings.

History of visits:
2014 August

Update: Suprette is gone.





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