Category: Deconstructing Delicious

  • The Texture of Water

    The Texture of Water

    No fancy branded stuff. Just the plain combination of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, provided by your country’s water works.

  • Joy in a Sandwich Stack

    There are not many exceptional experiences one can talk about when one eats at a fast food restaurant. There is that basic requirement that the food tastes consistent. A large food chain like McDonald’s fails every day from outlet to outlet. You’ve tasted it before. Fries that have been left out too long, too cold,…

  • Lunar New Year Yu Sheng dish

    This being the 15th and last day of the Lunar New Year, I thought it’d be good to talk about the wonderful dish of Yu Sheng, Yee Sang, Lo Hei, or whatever else you may call it. To me, it’s always been a special treat to have the dish, best described as a raw fish…

  • Enjoy root beer the right way

    When I see root beer offered on a menu in Singapore, I always ask, “Is it served with ice?” I already know the answer, but still I ask, in the hope that someone will give me the right answer, and I can have the pleasure of enjoying a root beer at a cafe. A long…