Braised Duck Rice and Porridge in PJ

Braving the rain, I returned to the centre of Petaling Jaya to revisit a duck stall that I hadn’t eaten at in over 5 years.

The good news is, Kan Heong Restaurant in PJ, is still excellent.

Juicy and succulent braised duck at Kan Heong Restaurant
Juicy and succulent braised duck at Kan Heong Restaurant

Compared to the braised duck in Singapore, the braised duck in these parts tend to be cooked in a light brown sauce. It’s not a dark like in Singapore.

I find Hoover Braised Duck in Balestier offers a good braised duck in Singapore, so I’ll use it as a measure of comparison.

Compared to Hoover, the duck here is finer, smoother, more juicy, more tender. Furthermore, the gravy that is poured over the duck is less sweet. Hoover’s heavy handed sweet dark gravy must be my biggest criticism. The gravy at Kam Heong enhances the duck flavour rather than overwhelms it.

Besides the duck you can order braised mushrooms (g00d), braised pork knuckle (above average, could be more tender), kiam chye, braised eggs (good) and other Teochew Porridge options.

You can select either rice or porridge to go with your duck. The porridge is smooth, and the rice is cooked in ginger, garlic and, I think, chicken, rather than duck fat. Hoover Duck in Balestier serves yam rice, which in my opinion is a little on the dry side and rather lacklustre.

Kan Heong Restaurant Braised Duck
Kan Heong Restaurant Braised Duck

The duck rice starts operations at 5pm every day, except Chinese New Year and one other festival, but it was too noisy to ask again. By 9pm, they were already carving up their last few ducks. In the day time, the coffee shop is taken over by smaller food stalls.

You can also have the option of enjoying a few sticks of satay with your meal. I did not have it this time, but from what I remember, it was okay. But you can give it a miss.

Although the braised duck is of high quality, is it worth driving across KL to PJ for this? It’s a hard call. I’d say, if the weather is fine, go for it. But if it’s raining, eat some where closer. But if you happen to be in PJ, try it in any weather.

Kam Heong Restaurant
No. 8 Jalan Tengah, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS co-ordinates: 3.099527 N 101.644509 E

History of visits:
2010 March – Dinner: Good





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