Deconstructing Delicious
  • The Texture of Water
    No fancy branded stuff. Just the plain combination of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, provided by your country’s water works.
Food Fight
  • Battle of the Fragrant Biscuits #2
    Heading back up to Ipoh in March this year, I acquired another batch of heong peah to attempt another battle. It’s been six years since the first. The contestants in this round are Sin Eng Hoe, Sin Eng Heong, Lam Fong and Ching Han Guan. Are Eng Hoe and Eng Heong related? Who knows? We’re … Read more
Happy Eats
  • The Suprette Burger
    Jalan Besar. The place to get stainless steel screws and bolts, fencing material, real gardening stuff with real workman boots. And then there are the little cafes and boutique hotels that are popping up. There’s a hotel out there called Kam Leng Hotel. Refurbished from old shophouses, it also houses a tiny eatery called Suprette.