McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger

Overall Nasi Lemak Burger assembly
Overall Nasi Lemak Burger assembly

I finally tried McDonald’s Nasi Lemak burger. Having heard great things about this localised burger I had great expectations for it. How would this burger hold its own against a person who wants to hate it simply because it is missing the main component, the nasi? Can bun surpass rice?

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Battle of the Fragrant Biscuits #2

Heading back up to Ipoh in March this year, I acquired another batch of heong peah to attempt another battle. It’s been six years since the first.

The contestants in this round are Sin Eng Hoe, Sin Eng Heong, Lam Fong and Ching Han Guan. Are Eng Hoe and Eng Heong related? Who knows? We’re just going to go on taste here.

The only repeat from the previous lot (unplanned) is the sample from Sin Eng Heong. But even that has a different packet and the biscuit looks slightly different.

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The Suprette Burger

Jalan Besar. The place to get stainless steel screws and bolts, fencing material, real gardening stuff with real workman boots. And then there are the little cafes and boutique hotels that are popping up.

There’s a hotel out there called Kam Leng Hotel. Refurbished from old shophouses, it also houses a tiny eatery called Suprette.

The Suprette Burger
The Suprette Burger

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Da Jie Famous Wanton Noodle

A couple of years back, I stumbled onto Da Jie Famous Wanton Noodles while wandering through the Jalan Besar area. I neglected writing about it (as I have for many eating excursions), and over the years, forgot the name. However, I did remember making a mental note to myself that this place was worth a re-visit.

Recently, I promised someone to try a certain wanton noodle stall and was merely given an address and the name of the stall.

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Fish and Chips at ToTT

I have not written about my recent eats, simply because I’ve not been inspired to write about any of them. And the last thing I thought would kick start another post is fish and chips.

Fish and chips from Tools of the Trade Bistro

What’s my ideal fish and chips? A non-breaded batter. Crisp outside. Succulent fish inside. Crisp chips.

Not too hard right?

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Joy in a Sandwich Stack

There are not many exceptional experiences one can talk about when one eats at a fast food restaurant.

There is that basic requirement that the food tastes consistent. A large food chain like McDonald’s fails every day from outlet to outlet. You’ve tasted it before. Fries that have been left out too long, too cold, too soggy. A McSpicy with shredded lettuce all over the burger box rather than in the burger. A burger that has sat too long in the warmer and just doesn’t taste good any longer.

But there are times when you do find a gem. That one such day was on the 19th of August at the Subway at The Verge.

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Chicken Biscuit fight

There’s another famous biscuit that comes from Perak, and it’s the chicken biscuit.

It contains zero real chicken, but has all the beauty of chicken flavouring. It also contains nam yu, a type of red coloured fermented bean curd, sesame seeds, sugar, maltose, winter melon, spices and a healthy dose of lard. It’s a far cry from the salty Western option in the form of Nabisco’s Chicken in a Biscuit.

Inside detail of Pun Chun's thick and chewy chicken biscuit.
Inside detail of Pun Chun's thick and chewy chicken biscuit.

The chicken biscuit comes in two forms, a thick and chewy one, and the thin and crispy one.

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Burger Shack ain’t too shabby

After a disappointing meal at Fat Boys, I visited Burger Shack with rather low expectations.

And those expectations sunk even lower when I saw this sign:

Burger Shack by Island Creamery sign.
Burger Shack by Island Creamery sign.

To say I’m not a fan of the ice creams of Island Creamery, is an understatement. However, burgers should be judged on their own merit, and not on their parentage.

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Battle of the Fragrant Biscuits

Heong Peah, Heong Peng, Pong Peah, Biskut Wangi – whatever way you call it, it means fragrant biscuit and it refers to the flaky local biscuit that’s filled with a sticky, chewy filling of maltose, onions and sesame seeds.

In Ipoh, famous for its heong peah, there are plenty of brands and it’s not always clear which is the best tasting. So when I was there, I took the opportunity to pick up a few brands of heong peah.

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