Malaysian and Taiwanese Beef Jerky

I love beef jerky.

Dried meat, full of concentrated beef flavour and just enough herbs and spices to enhance the flavour.

On my recent trips to the US, I had the opportunity to have not just beef jerky, but elk, bison and other exotic meats. Elk, while more gamey made a jucier jerky.

While the jerky in the US is salty and readily available, ours is sweet, sometimes spicy and quite difficult to find.

So I was very excited to receive two packets of Taiwanese Beef Jerky from a friend – a spicy version and a sweet one, both from the same company. As I’ve never been to Taiwan, I’ve no idea if this is the most popular brand.

Since I also purchased some beef jerky for Malaysia a couple of weeks back, I decided it’s time to rip open all the packets and compare both types of beef jerky.

The difference is night and day. Continue reading “Malaysian and Taiwanese Beef Jerky”