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Rahim Muslim Food, is located in a coffeeshop just near the Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic. For some time now, they’ve received praise for their Mee Rebus and I felt it was time to see what it was all about.

Rahim Muslim Food
Rahim Muslim Food

The stall has a sign that states that it is open from 1130, but when I arrived at 12, they were clearly not ready for business. They said they’d be ready by 1210. When I next looked up at 1220, there was already a queue in front of their stall of about 8 customers who made multiple orders of takeaways and bowls of mainly mee soto and mee rebus.

The mee soto runs for $3.80 and a regular mee rebus is $3, while adding chicken adds 80 cents to the price.

Unlike most other stalls, the mee soto here is served with cut chunks of chicken, not shredded. This visually makes the dish look more appealing than usual. However, I was here for their most popular dish, the mee rebus.

Here, the mee rebus is also treated differently. Besides the usual toppings of egg, tofu, celery, green chilli and lime, segments of tomatoes and a ladle of satay gravy is added. And chunks of chicken, should you wish to pay for the option.

The wait for my turn to order was longer than it needed to be, I felt. After all, the main cooking as already been completed. And I think that’s because the layout of the stall hasn’t been thought through properly. So there’s a lot of criss crossing and unnecessary movement to get the dish completed and to the customer. But I digress.

Rahim's Power Mee Rebus
Rahim’s Power Mee Rebus

When I received the dish, it looked quite nice. Again, no wimpy strips of chicken. It looked like a high end up mee rebus. A Camry of the Toyotas.

So, with the mee rebus in front of me, I noticed that the normal mee rebus gravy was already starting to congeal. I tasted it. And I tasted it again. Unfortunately, it was unremarkable. It was dull in taste and flavour. Usually a lot of mee rebus I have is too sweet, masking any flavour. This one was neither.

I mixed it up with the satay gravy and again, I could not say I enjoyed the taste of this mee rebus. I could taste the sweetness and the peanuts of the satay gravy, it did not enhance the original starchy base.

The chicken was tender. And I received what is probably the most tasty and the most tasteless parts of the chicken – the wing and the breast meat.

Since I was unsure if my taste buds were wonky because of the apparent lack of taste in the mee rebus gravy, I could definitely taste the flavour of chicken in the breast meat and a lot more strongly in the wing. I could also definitely taste the spiciness of the green chilli. I could also taste the tomatoes. But the most important element, the gravy, was a let down.

For $3.80, you get a filling meal. No arguments there. But it feels as though this mee rebus has tried too hard to be too powerful and failed.

Rahim Muslim Food
Blk 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
Singapore 560721
Mon – Sun: 11.30am – 8pm. Closed alternate Sundays

History of visits:
2014 June

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