This is my take on what good food is.

I lean toward being a traditionalist.

Generally, I’ll classify the restaurants in three categories:

  • Happy Eats – This is where I think the food is good and deserves more visits.
  • Blah Eats – This is average food, and generally, for the price, can be visited again.
  • Unhappy Eats – Eat here at your own risk.

For me, consistency is a major factor when I eat. Even if the food is good, if I find it inconsistent, I will downgrade the establishment immediately. It will take several re-visits where the experience is positive, to get upgraded again.

The rule is this: Restaurants have to serve good food all the time. Otherwise, it renders recommendations useless. I, like any person interested in food, wants to discover places where we can get good food reliably, all the time.

Happy Eats!